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BOSA Activities

Capital Shares

Members can purchase a minimum of ksh5000 capital shares and earn an attractive dividend annually.

Normal Shares

Minimum share contribution is set at 300ksh per month. The more the savings accumulated, the higher the returns and loans granted.

Benevolent Funds

This is compulsory contribution for all members. Minimum contribution is ksh 50 per person every month.

Loan Facilities

Development loan

Available to members with the Normal shares for their development projects. Payable within 36months. Low interest rate.

School fees loan

Available to members with the Normal shares to cater for their education needs or that of their children. Payable within 12months. Low interest rate.

Emergency loan

Available to members with the Normal shares to cater for emergency cases. Payable within 6 months. Low interest rate.

Milk Loan

Product designed for dairy farmers who channel their milk payments through us to invest in modern dairy farming techniques.

Tea and Coffee Loan

Available to tea farmers and coffee farmers who channel their payments through our Sacco.

Okoa Advance Loan

Awarded to members who channel their salary and other products through our Sacco. Members with existing loans but have the ability to pay can also access this product.

Business loan

Available to entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses. Business people must bank their business income regularly at FOSA.

Fariji Cash

Run out of cash and your bills are due? Don't worry anymore if you have free shares. Get Fariji cash E-Loan instantly by dialing *850# or through Fariji Sacco App