The Sacco was started back in 1989 initially by Catholic faithfuls. This was done to enhance the economic well-being of the common mwananchi who did not have a facility in common to join a Sacco as many were formed by members with common bonds.  By then it was Kagwe Catholic Church Development Fund-Kagwe Parish, registered under the ministry of culture and social services. The contribution was merely Ksh. 20 per month.

Later on, other denominations were incorporated and the name changed to Kagwe Christians Development fund Sacco Ltd, registered under the ministry of cooperatives .The Sacco rebranded to Fariji Sacco in the year 2010.The rebranding was necessitated by the need to have a national outlook and bring more members into our fold. In deed this has been realised and Fariji Sacco now draws its members from Tea , coffee, Horticultural and Dairy farmers, business community investment groups, pension and salaried persons.